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Write barriers. More...

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#define tm_write_barrier(R)   (*_tm_write_barrier)(R)
 Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier().
#define tm_write_barrier_pure(R)   (*_tm_write_barrier_pure)(R)
 Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier_pure().
#define tm_write_barrier_root(X)   (*_tm_write_barrier_root)(X)
 Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier_root().


void __tm_write_barrier (void *referent)
 Write barrier for general references.
void __tm_write_barrier_pure (void *referent)
 Write barrier for pure pointers during tm_SCAN.
void __tm_write_barrier_root (void *referent)
 Write barrier for root or stack pointers.
void __tm_write_barrier_ignore (void *referent)
 Write barrier for nothing.


void(* _tm_write_barrier )(void *referent)
 Write barrier hook for a pointer to the stack, to a data segment, or within a tm_alloc()'ed node.
void(* _tm_write_barrier_pure )(void *referent)
 Write barrier hook to a tm_alloc()'ed node.
void(* _tm_write_barrier_root )(void *referent)
 Write barrier hook for stack or data segment.

Detailed Description

Write barriers.

Definition in file barrier.h.

Define Documentation

#define tm_write_barrier (  )     (*_tm_write_barrier)(R)

Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier().

Definition at line 17 of file barrier.h.

#define tm_write_barrier_pure (  )     (*_tm_write_barrier_pure)(R)

Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier_pure().

Definition at line 26 of file barrier.h.

#define tm_write_barrier_root (  )     (*_tm_write_barrier_root)(X)

Wrapper around _tm_write_barrier_root().

Definition at line 36 of file barrier.h.

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