File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
barrier.c [code]Write barriers
barrier.h [code]Write barriers
block.h [code]Block
color.h [code]Color
config.h [code]Configuration
debug.c [code]Debugging support
debug.h [code]Debug support
init.c [code]Initialization
internal.h [code]Internals
list.h [code]Colored, doubly-linked lists
malloc.c [code]Maps malloc(), free(), etc to tm_malloc(), etc
mark.c [code]Marking primitives
mark.h [code]Marking Primitives
node.h [code]Node
os.c [code]Low-level OS interface
os.h [code]Low-level OS interface
page.h [code]Page-oriented bit maps
ptr.h [code]Mapping potential pointers to internal structures
root.c [code]Root Sets
root.h [code]Root Sets
stats.c [code]Statistics
stats.h [code]Statistics
tm.c [code]Internals
tm.h [code]TM API
type.h [code]Type
user.c [code]Main API/User-level functions

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